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Being a member of Atelier de l'Île means:

  • Being part of a diverse and dynamic artistic community

  • Having access to a bright, spacious and inspiring workplace in the heart of the village of Val-David, renowned for its character and cultural dynamism

  • Participating in the growth of the Laurentian cultural community

  • Having the opportunity to get involved in the organization of the center and contributing to its sustainability.

Membership is a prerequisite for enjoying the benefits of the studio.
All members pay an annual fee of $50.


ARTIST MEMBER (professional

or in the process of professionalization) 


Artist members must respect the studio's objectives and orientations.  They have voting rights at meetings and may be elected to the Board of Directors. Any artist wishing to become a member must submit his or her visual file, CV and a short motivational text by e-mail to






An associate member may be an individual, corporation, association or legal entity interested in the studio's objectives and activities. They may attend general meetings, but do not have voting rights, nor may they be members of the Board of Directors.  He/she may be a member of ad hoc committees as a volunteer, and participate in certain studio activities.


- Annual package *                       

- 3 months *                      

- Monthly package *                  

- Weekly package *             

- Daily package   


- Companion/dreamer package 


This package allows you to take advantage of the studio's bright and spacious space, without using specialized equipment. It allows members to assist another member in his or her production, or to use the space in preparation for a project.


* Consecutive duration, cannot be fragmented

650 $

250 $

150 $

85 $

35 $

10 $

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