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As the only artist-run center in the Laurentians, the Atelier de l'Île is an essential working, research and meeting place for the region's artistic community. Artists from all disciplines and at different stages of their careers come and go. We provide them with specialized printmaking equipment, qualified technical support and a safe working space.

L'Atelier de l'Île is an artist-run center that supports research, creation and production in printmaking. Through an interdisciplinary approach and innovative means, it participates in the evolution of printmaking and its positioning in contemporary art. 


L'Atelier is open to professional and aspiring artists of all disciplines.


Caroline Gagnon,  executive director

Hélène Brunet Neumann, assistant director

Olga Inès Magnano, technician

Paul Ballard, technician

Jessica Thibault, technician


Marilyse Goulet, President

Clémence Gagné, Vice President

Jessica Thibault,  Secretary/Treasurer

Elizabeth Whalley, Administrator

Louise Bloom, Administrator

Denis Dulude, Administrator

Jonathan Demers, Administrator


The protection of personal information is the responsability of Caroline Gagnon, Director. Please direct any questions or complaints to:

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Did you know that Atelier de l'Île is a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency? For any donation over 25$, you will receive an official receipt.

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L'Atelier de l'Île was founded in Val-David by Michel-Thomas Tremblay. A three-year stay at Atelier 17 in Paris had given him the opportunity to work with printmaking masters and to deepen his knowledge of the roll and viscosity method developed by Stanley William Hayter and still widely used at Atelier de l'île and in print studios around the world. 
On his return in 1975, Michel-Thomas Tremblay decided to establish his studio on a small island in the Rivière du Nord, from which it took its name. True to the convivial spirit of the 1970s, he decided to share this beautiful space for work and experimentation with local artists.


Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 12.52.42

Front row: Pierre Leblanc . Réal Huot . Francine Beauvais. Janou St-Denis. Yves-Gabriel Brunet. 

Back row: Jocelyne Aird-Bélanger. Michel-Thomas Tremblay. Jocelyne Benoît. Bonnie Baxter. 

Vincent Dionne. Claude Haeffely. Louise Cloutier. Marcel Carrier. Michèle Lalonde.

Gilles Boisvert. Dominique Tremblay. Paul Chamberland

Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 10.28.42

Lithography with Gilles Boisvert, a student and Bonnie Baxter.

In the hustle and bustle of the '70s, when the Butte à Mathieu was inviting Leclerc, Charlebois, Léveillé, Vigneault, Deschamps, Moreau, Gauthier, Duguay and so many others, the Atelier de l'Île became a meeting place and a place of creation, where many now-recognized artists got their start, inspired by the words and poetry of the place. In order to give itself the means to achieve its ambitions, the Atelier de l'Île was moved to the center of the village, where its activities continue and take on new momentum, while respecting the spirit of its founding members.

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